FSM Registrar of Corporations
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FSM Domestic Corporation Corporate Documents

  1. Articles of Incorporation Template- For-profit PDF | Word
  2. Articles of Incorporation Template - Non-Profit PDF | Word
  3. By-Laws PDF | Word
  4. Certificate of incorporation PDF
  5. Certificate of Good Standing Application Form PDF
  6. Annual Report PDF | Word
  7. Non-Profit Annual Report PDF | Word

Major Corporations Corporate Documents

  1. Articles of Incorporation – standard form: PDF | WORD (fill in blanks and print)
  2. Initial Report to Secretary of Finance & Administration (due within 60 days of receipt of Certificate of Incorporation): PDF | WORD
  3. Affidavit to Registrar of Corporations (only necessary if you are unable to deliver a bank statement within 60 days): PDF | WORD
  4. Professional Office Services Agreement (POSA) – or another contract with an organization in the FSM to act as your service of process party.: PDF | WORD
  5. Bylaws – standard form, but this is not required to be submitted to the FSM.: PDF | WORD
  6. Certificate of Incorporation: PDF
  7. Request for a Certificate of Good Standing
  8. Certificate of Good Standing: PDF | WORD
  9. Annual Report to Registrar: PDF | WORD
  10. Registration of Major FSM Branch: PDF